PlotX Mainnet & $PLOT Listing

All details regarding the PlotX Mainnet, $PLOT Listing and Distribution

PlotX, coming to life

PlotX is built with ❤ by & for the Ethereum Community. It is the 1st AMM driven prediction market protocol that allows users to predict the future of crypto assets.
After rigorous development over the year, on 13th Oct 2020, the PlotX prediction market protocol will be launched on the Ethereum mainnet. On the same date, liquidity for $PLOT tokens will also be provided on Uniswap.
PlotX Mainnet is now live at
All details regarding the PlotX Mainnet, $PLOT Listing and Distribution are mentioned below, including a disclaimer at the bottom of the article.

Quick Recap of the PlotX journey so far

  • Nearly 10,000 predictions have been made by over 2,400 unique addresses on the PlotX Alpha since Aug ‘20.
  • The $2.7m sale was closed with participation from the PlotX Community.
  • The community offering via DAO Maker saw a 15x oversubscription with 6000+ applications.
  • A fast-growing community of PLOT Heads has formed around the product, with 10,000+ members connected across Telegram, Discord & Twitter.

PlotX Protocol Mainnet Launch

Completed Security Audits

Launching on Ethereum Mainnet

  • On 13th October 2020, at around 1 pm UTC, the PlotX Protocol shall be launched on the Ethereum Mainnet
  • By default, two market pairs of BTC-USD and ETH-USD will be available for users to predict on.
  • Users will be able to predict using PLOT & ETH on all markets.
  • PlotX Mainnet is now live at

$PLOT Listing Information

Initial Liquidity & Listing of $PLOT

  • The $PLOT Token Address is: 0x72f020f8f3e8fd9382705723cd26380f8d0c66bb
  • Initial Liquidity for the PLOT/ETH pair shall be provided on Uniswap at ~ 1 pm UTC on the 13th October 2020 after the Mainnet launch as highlighted above.

Staying safe from scammers

  • DO NOT interact with any Token Address apart from: 0x72f020f8f3e8fd9382705723cd26380f8d0c66bb
  • We are sharing this address in advance so that all of our community members stay safe during what will be a potentially high-intensity, excitement-filled launch.
  • We also believe that nobody should have an unfair advantage when it comes to DEX listings. Everyone knows the smart contract address now with more than a day to prepare for the launch.

Token Distribution for all contributors

  • Please note that $PLOT tokens are locked on-chain with a vesting schedule for each contributor in the seed, early supporter, private, community offering rounds.
  • Immediately after the Uniswap liquidity provision as highlighted above, $PLOT tokens will be distributed to all contributors, as per their vesting schedules.

$PLOT Tokenomics

To understand the PLOT token economics and how PLOT is being distributed, please refer to the following links:

What to do with $PLOT?

$PLOT is the utility token for participating in the PlotX Prediction Market Protocol. Just after the launch on mainnet, you can utilize $PLOT for the following:

Provide Liquidity on Uniswap & farm more $PLOT tokens

  • To farm more $PLOT tokens, you can provide liquidity on Uniswap on the PLOT-ETH pair. In return, you will receive Uniswap LP tokens. You will have to stake these LP tokens on PlotX Staking Contract.
  • Now, you will receive yield in the form of PLOT tokens every second, till the time your LP tokens are staked on PlotX Staking Contract. You can claim your PLOT rewards anytime without exiting the liquidity pool.
  • If you wish to exit, you can withdraw your staked LP tokens from PlotX anytime to wind-up your farm.
  • The liquidity mining program will be live after the liquidity pool creation on Uniswap and run initially for 30 days with 15,000 PLOT tokens to be distributed as rewards daily.
Liquidity Mining Program is now live at

Create Markets to claim more $PLOT

  • Market Creators on PlotX can claim more PLOT tokens for initiating the markets that are parameterized using the AMM algorithm.
  • Read more about the incentives for market creation here

Participate in Prediction Markets at 0.05% fee when paid in $PLOT, instead of 0.1% fee in ETH

  • Market participants who use $PLOT for predictions pay 50% less fee.
  • Use your skills to predict the future price of crypto assets on 1 hour, 1 day and 1-week markets.

Stake $PLOT and then participate in predictions, to multiply your reward chances

Participate in on-chain governance using $PLOT

  • You can also participate in on-chain governance of the PlotX protocol using your $PLOT.
  • PlotX Improvement Proposals (PIPs) can be raised by any PLOT holder and the community gets to vote on such proposals.
  • Stay tuned for more information on how to participate in PlotX governance.
In general, $PLOT holders are encouraged to use PLOT in the PlotX protocol ecosystem with incentive designs that reward more active participation.
If you have any questions, reach out to the community on Discord / Telegram.

Wrapping Up

Please stay safe. Trust no information about the $PLOT launch unless it comes from the official PlotX channels, as under:
A big thanks to the PlotX community for showing such phenomenal support throughout the sale contributions, alpha testing, suggestions, driving responsible education and engaging new members on a meaningful journey together.
This is a marathon, not a sprint and as a community we are just getting started 🐢 :)


The contents of this page are for information purposes only and shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy tokens and/or solicit participation on the prediction market protocol. PlotX is not registered under and has not obtained any licenses under any investment or securities or other laws, nor is the sale of $PLOT tokens registered under the laws of any jurisdiction and PlotX makes no representation or warranty, expressed, implied, or statutory, as to the value of $PLOT.
Nothing contained herein constitutes financial, legal, tax or other advice nor is it to be relied on, in making any decisions. This announcement is not directed at persons residing in jurisdictions where the distribution and sale of the tokens is prohibited.
While audits have been conducted by third parties to verify the security of the smart contract system, nevertheless, during the course of a user’s interaction with the protocol, the user might encounter bugs or service downtimes which can ultimately alter the user experience away from expected lines.
Before interacting with the PlotX protocol, or participating in the $PLOT listing, you are advised to read the PlotX Whitepaper, especially the Notice and Disclaimer Section thereof, in its entirety. For further information, please visit the website to understand how the protocol functions, privacy policy and the terms of use.